Don’t Touch The Bugles Podcast

51 - It’s not a liquorice thong is it?

January 26, 2020

Welcome to episode 51 of Don't Touch The Bugles, hosted by @jiggsofbugle. This week, we've had to improvise on the spot as our recording equipment broke down on us so apologies in advance if it's not the usual quality you've come to expect. 

Anyway, as the saying goes, "it's quality, not quantity" and we've got a quality episode for you! The guys start off with a review of last week's Strawbear festival (check out our bonus episode for our live recording). They also discuss The Bugles League 3 punishment ideas and share a sneaky plan on how to avoid paying for a prang in your car.

Diddly's Amazon review of the week is back before they move onto the main topic this week, debating which sports really shouldn't be sports. 

And after a long absence, Weird Shit of the Week is back in which the Bugles discuss a flying pig from China.....because, well, why wouldn't you?

Get ready for next week's episode - it's our 1 year birthday!! Check out social media for more information.

This episode was brought to you by: @jiggsofbugle, @vancan41, @alexdiddly and @angelobugle