Don’t Touch The Bugles Podcast

36 - I’m going to relate to myself as Translender

October 13, 2019

The man more Fen than the Strawbear himself, @chunkybugle, is your host for episode 36 of Don't Touch The Bugles.

It's the usual random chat to start this weeks' episode and talk soon turns to Teddy's impending knee operation. It's probably time to put your sandwich down when you listen to this as it gets squeamish at one point. Anyway, by the sounds of it, in the near future we'll be recording this podcast whilst emptying his bedpan and fluffing his pillows!!

Angelo then asks the question the whole population can relate to......have you ever pulled a sickie from school or work? I'm not saying The Bugles would do such a thing but the words 'fake dentist appointment, go-karting, Edinburgh, Nottingham, going on strike and faking an injury to catch a flight' appear in this section of the episode.

Diddly provides the group with a bit of dashboard porn before he hosts another round of The Bugles League which takes us to the half way point of the competition.

Ellwood then asks what song gets you most pumped up and willing to run through a brick wall? (WARNING: don't try this at home, make a mess at someone else's house instead). No doubt you'll have heard of some of these classic head boppers, whilst others will get you reaching for an old copy of your Encarta '95 CD for reference. The Bugles even talk through the first cassette or CD they first ever purchased. We'll say no more!

Finally, it's everyone's favourite news update, it's Weird Shit of the Week which includes tales of urinals being banned, horseplay by a teen, a stag do stitch up, a VAR machine not working in the Saudi football league and a very fake heart attack.

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