Don’t Touch The Bugles Podcast

1 - The big reveal

February 9, 2019

After weeks of planning (three, to be precise!) episode 1 of Don't Touch The Bugles has finally landed. The guys kick it off with the big reveal on how the name of the group came to be, with a quick trip down memory lane. They also discuss a prank that went horribly wrong, quite possibly the best theft attempt of all time involving a self checkout till in a supermarket, childhood memories of hustling a vending machine with plastic 20p pieces and of course, giving their pearls of wisdom in response to this weeks listener questions.

All of this and much more including a new game that is introduced to the group whereby the loser has to endure a forfeit thought up by the rest of the group. 

Seriously, why are you even still reading? Just hit play and enjoy!

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